Born and "partially developed" in Sweden, I travelled to New York in 1974 to pursue opportunity and further development under the bright lights of the city. While falling in love with my wife, Kathy and working in New York on freelance assignments, I met Irving Penn and assisted him for seven wonderful years. Through Mr. Penn's work with platinum/palladium printing on water color papers, I too fell in love with this form of printing. The future advent of Giclee printers made the process more accessible than the time-consuming process of hand coating papers for printing, and I was hooked!

After several decades of living and working in the Union Square Area of Manhattan as a commercial/advertising photographer, I now live and work at our home in Woodstock, New York.

My passion is to create beauty where none is evident, to capture beauty when I see it and then, naturally, to print these images on water color papers.